ELL Can Be Fun


It can be fun learning a language.  When visiting countries around the world language differences are very challenging.


In Germany, Italy, France, Italy, America, England, Russia, Asia, the Middle East and other countries language is so different.  Some languages are similar but others are so very different.


English is used exclusively in Air Traffic System throughout the world.  Most countries teach English in their schools along with their own language.  The difference of England's English and the same English spoken in Ireland and Scotland is quite interesting.  Sometimes the Irish and Scottish need an interpreter for other English speaking people.  lol.


Exiting a parking garage in France has signs saying "Sortie" which means exit.  The language barrier is real.


Learning a language can be difficult but can be very rewarding at the same time.  Children pick up things so fast.  Adults can learn faster than children if they want too.  Around the world the words for Hello are quite interesting.


The cultures are also so very interesting.  The unique nature of language is each countries music, language, geography, culture, cities and towns have been the quest of people for centuries for their "bucket list".  Learning new things can be fun.  And language is essential on many levels.